Your new home by the Caribbean Sea in Colombia

We offer to you providing of your new home on the Caribbean coast of Colombia

  • cheap investment possibilities;
  • the budget properties (apartments, residences, family houses, lodges) for living as well as for the development of your business ideas of various types;
  • the company establishing;
  • consulting services of varied character: e.g. legal, fiscal, accounting and general consultancy;
  • assistance in access in the country´s banking system;
  • personal service in the properties´ checking in the official Property Register and the personal access in enrolling as the owner in this Register;
  • arrangement of all your matters in the country up to your individual instructions;
  • your personal protection;
  • establishing the contacts with the local business and entrepreneurial environment;
  • personal and/or safety escort during all your journeys within the country territory;
  • the option of procuring your naturalization in Colombia (the foreigner residency card, the citizenship);
  • the procuring of any kind of licenses and permissions (construction, mining, the selling license etc.);

About us

Europeans with the twelve years´ life experience in Colombia as well as more than twenty years´ life experience in Latin America, who thanks to their experiences and multilingual background do have the precise way of life knowledge. We are familiar with the differences of the life in the various regions of the country, we do have know-how about various levels of the entrepreneur milieu as well as the special know-how of acting with the local authorities. We have special experiences in different types of properties´business (selling, rentals, leasing) throughout the whole country.

Thanks to our net of the local co-operators we do can offer to you personal and original measure made services.

We have very special offer recently

The sales offer of the first class quality properties in the Coveñas - Tolú region of the Caribbean coast

This region is still not completely developed area as far as the tourist industry is concerned, but where the infrastructure system is mostly constructed yet. In this area we dispose of various real estates of all the thinkable categories (villas, family houses, grounds for future constructions, virgin land, flats of apartments etc.) In comparison with the European reality these properties are relatively cheap. They can serve either as the investment opportunities but also for the owner´s personal and/or business use. On request we will go with you through our nearer concrete offer and in the case of your interest we can arrange you the personal accompaniment for all your trip.

The region of Coveñas is characterized of all the year around stable temperature between 25 and 28 Centigrade, the sea there is very clean and extremely well accessible, the area is not exploited so much yet (like the well known country resorts as e.g. Cartagena or Santa Marta). Here bought properties or lands can be used without demanding formalities for construction of hotels, hostels or restaurants (or combination of the mentioned). Last but not least is necessary to mention the advantage of the possibility of co-operation with the local low-cost and effective working force.

New luxurious apartments in the best districts of Medellín for VERY favorable prices

Medellín is the most dynamic center of the business life in Colombia (as the only town of the country has its own underground), where besides of the clothing industry this town is also the business center of the whole country with very forthcoming and open-minded businessmen and constantly increasing metropolitan activities. The noticeable characteristic of Medellín is also the top medical as well as dental service with the row of big hospitals and also the smaller clinics including the bargain-priced clinics of the plastic surgery. In the hospitals thanks to high skilled local professionals and thanks to the top level instruments equipment there is provided the exemplary medical care. This advantage is utilized by the great numbers of the foreigner visitors and patients (mostly from the USA or Canada), because the medical performance corresponds by its professional level to the levels of these countries, but for the price of one third of it.

The by us offered apartments are of the first standard class, they consist of at least 3–4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large terrace and a guarded reception.The protection of your private life there as well as ensuring of your security in them is the matter of course. We are able to arrange the financing of these apartments under some specific conditions.

The Colombia notes

The country belongs to the most dynamically developing countries of Latin America. It is one of the few in the area where some leftist experimenting of the state administrative (like e.g. in Venezuela, Bolivia etc.) or some other forms of the state „adventures“ (like Argentina) would notthreaten. The country has very well developed legislative and juridical background. This system eliminates the business risks in the manner, that they nearly equals the risks in the European or North American environments. The advantage of the country is the fact that it does not yet have completely developed and particularly overdeveloped the tourist great industry. It gives to all the coming businessmen the advantage of participating in further such a development (and to become „insiders“). Since the time when during the first half of the nineties there was terminated the era of the narcotraficant supremacy (Pablo Escobar), the country has developed itself within the last thirty years in the progressive dynamic and especially flexible economics.

We are inviting you to this country, where we also thanks to our know-how of the local conditions of the business life or any kind of the business activity would be able to equip any of our client who is interested, with the necessary knowledge of the common life in Colombia. We guarantee to our clients the they with the use of our consulting system will quickly progress and proceed very quickly forward in order to fulfill their ideas and (as the one of the most important things at all) where they would feel themselves really comfortably and like at home, for they actually will be there.


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